Connexus Credit Union

One of Cincinnati’s larger credit unions, Connexus Credit Union, has opened a downtown office that consolidates two of its previous local branches.  Connexus, the credit union for employees, retirees and family members of Cincinnati Bell Inc. Convergys Corp. and Liberty Mutual Group, has opened on the ground floor of the Omnicare Center, which was formerly known as Atrium One. It will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new facility at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The new downtown branch consolidates Connexus’ branch in the Huntington Center, previously known as the 525 Vine Building, and a branch in Norwood. It has closed the Norwood location and will close the Huntington Center branch Friday. Connexus also operates a branch office in Fairfield at Liberty Mutual’s offices.
"We had the desire to be closer to Cincinnati Bell and Convergys, both of which are in Omnicare Center," CEO David Christenson told me.  Convergys and Cincinnati Bell have both moved employees out of Norwood to their downtown offices, so Connexus no longer needed the Norwood banch.

Connexus has 6,500 local members and between $75 million and $100 million in local deposits, Christenson said. That makes it the ninth-biggest credit union in Cincinnati, according to Courier research.
Connexus entered the Greater Cincinnati market in 2007 with the Fairfield location when Liberty Mutual acquired insurer Ohio Casualty Corp. Connexus expanded locally in January 2014 when it acquired Cintel Federal Credit Union, which served Cincinnati Bell and Convergys, among other companies. Cintel had the Norwood and downtown Cincinnati offices.  Christenson said Connexus wants to keep expanding in Cincinnati. It hopes to serve other big employer groups by acquiring other credit unions in the region.  "We're definitely on the lookout for companies that are aligned with the way we do business," Christenson told me.

Connexus has 184,000 members and 14 branch offices, primarily in Wausau, Wisc.; Minneapolis, and New Hampshire, in addition to two in Greater Cincinnati. It started as the credit union for Liberty Mutual predecessor Wausau Insurance and now has many branches in Liberty Mutual offices in other cities.