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Now offering you more free time in your busy day.
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Now that G.Salzano’s has a partnership with The Drycleaning Shop, you benefit from a convenient laundry and drycleaning service that puts more time in your day, and that helps you maintain the professional image you need.
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Free pickup and delivery at your workplace.
What could be easier than taking your garments to work and having them delivered back to you just a few days later?

Saves you time.
Because we come to your workplace, you don’t have to spend precious time going out of your way to get your clothes cleaned.

Saves you money.
Don’t drive to the dry cleaner if you don’t have to. Gas is expensive! And, we do not charge for pickup and delivery.

Works with your schedule.
Not working on the day we’re coming to pick up? Just bring your clothing to work on the last day you’re there before the scheduled pickup date.
Bring anything you need laundered or drycleaned.
Whether it’s professional attire or personal garments that you regularly take to a dry cleaner, just bring it all to work with you.
Quality cleaning with a money-back guarantee.
We’ll have your items ready for you as promised. And, if you’re ever not satisfied with our service, you can take advantage of our money back guarantee.
Affordable prices.
You’ll find our prices to be very competitive with other garment cleaning services.
Lots of payment options for you to choose from.
Many people prefer to use a credit card to pay for our cleaning service. We can bill your card once a month, or each time you use us. Either way, your credit card information will be kept safe and secure, and you’ll always get a detailed invoice. You can also pay with cash or by check. It’s always your choice how to pay.
Some employees also benefit from corporate cost savings specials offered by The Drycleaning Shop.
To begin our service, call us at 513-255-5847 or email Ketan Pema, Owner